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I have been waiting anxiously to share the winner of last week’s giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered and be on the look for another giveaway next month!!

Let’s cut the chase and drumroll please for…… Andrea P.! The winner was chosen via Random.org and you can verify it on the original post:)CONGRATS ANDREA!! You’ll be contacted to claim your prize!



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When I met Julieta and Frank last year, they left me in awe. In front of me I had a couple who were completely and utterly in love with each other that they exuded that love in a way that it became tangible. The way they complement each other is an honor to look and even more amazing to photograph.

I like to ask my couples how they met to get to know them and understand a little more how their relationship works, and their story just blew me out of the water! Their story started off when they met at work; he’s an engineer and she’s PR at the company they were working at the time. She used to hang out with the engineers a lot and one day she noticed a guy sitting there, dressed as a tennis player (headband and all!) and they start talking.

Julieta forgets his name but reminds him as Bleeker, yes just like the guy in Juno. One fine day at the office she gets a message through the company’s chat from a guy whose name doesn’t ring a bell. However, she uses her skills to look through the company’s database to see who this chat guy was. When the photo comes up, it’s none other than Bleeker!

From that message through the company’s chat it has passed over 5 years, but that impression that caused Frank on Julieta’s mind, transformed into a beautiful relationship that shines a love so big and pure that you just need to be around them for a couple of minutes to notice. It’s the kind of love that leaves you hoping for a love like theirs.

Julieta and Frank, thank you for your trust, thank you for letting me be part of such a beautiful day for you and your families. I wish your love keeps growing and becoming an inspiration for everyone you meet.

With love, Jess.



Today I feel like celebrating! I’ve been celebrating all weekend and I want to start off by thanking everyone who has reached out and shared good wishes and blessings my way. I’m really grateful for everyone who’s part of life and for how you’ve been a blessing, big or small it’s still engraved in my heart.

For this entry I wanted to write a letter to myself waving a hard decade goodbye and welcoming with open arms a new one. As I reflected this last week, I did notice something in my mind change. There was a new attitude that I didn’t remember (or maybe even know) that I had. A bigger sense of intention, a feeling of not letting other’s comments or feeling stop me, a desire to hold the world on my hand and believe that everything is possible again.

I want to see this birthday as a new start, a new notebook to write on; I closed the old worn out notebooks that held all the fears, the struggles, the pain, the tears, wrapped them with a pretty bow and put them in a memory box. I want to keep the box to remind me how much I’ve traveled, how much grace has been poured into my life and has brought me to this place of new confidence and trust. A place I desired for many years already and sometimes doubted that I could be in again.

There is hope. Yes, if you are reading this tonight, I want you to be sure that there is calm after a storm. I found my anchor in Christ and that’s how I got through. I never want to forget that. That’s why I’m not throwing my old notebooks away, I always want to remember where I come from. I want to cherish my progress and be forever grateful.

Celebrate a new decade with me! Celebrate gratefulness, grace, love and new beginnings! And just like I hinted at the beginning of the month I’ll be giving away a couple of my favorite things to have during Fall. An infinity scarf, candles that make me feel like season is changing (because in Mexicali, there is no thing as season changing), nail polish and my ultimate favorite chapstick!. Fill the form below to enter. Contest runs until Sunday October 26 and a winner will be announced Monday 27th here on the blog!! Good luck!!

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A very special post is up here today as I celebrate my beautiful cousin’s birthday by posting my favorite photographs from the different sessions we’ve had together. I’ve been blessed enough to document really important life milestones she’s had in the past years.

Since the beginning of my business she has always supported me and has been available as my model for me to practice (while getting new Facebook profile pics ;). I can’t express my gratitude for her love and support every day of my life.

Isis, I love you. Thank you for being such an important part of my life and thank you for letting me document some of the beautiful moments in your life. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you believing in me and encouraging me to continue my journey as I document people’s lives and capture magical treasures. Hope you continue to let me be your family’s photographer! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!!

- An Afternoon Casual Session – 



- Expecting Baby N – 


- Newborn Session Baby N -


Happy Wednesday!


  • Ana Maria Minjarez

    Hermosas imàgenes!!!!! Felicidades Marina, hermoso trabajo!!!!ReplyCancel

    • admin

      Muchas gracias tía! Me da un gusto enorme poder detener el tiempo con estas fotos para que pasen a ser parte de la hermosa historia familiar que Isis y Jaime están creando!ReplyCancel

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Welcome to the third and last installment of this 30 in 30 series. Today you’ll know the last ten things I’ve learned in my first thirty years and we’ll tackle all the little things that fit in the in between of life. You know, the things that you hear a lot growing up but you never cherish them until you get a little more experience in life. These are here because they DO matter, read them, write them down and work hard to make them happen.

If you missed Part 1 read it HERE. If you missed Part 2 read it HERE.


  1. Dreams change. It’s ok.

When we are young we believe that our dreams will always be the same, yet as we grow older, those dreams shift, change, transform, just as we do. Don’t be afraid to let some dreams go and dare to dream different, bigger, maybe something you never though you would. The important thing is to never stop dreaming.

  1. Dance to life’s different rhythms.

I danced for twelve years and when it was time for me to quit and focus on something different, I felt terrified. Would I never dance again? However, I had the blessing to have a dear friend tell me that life itself is a dance and we all learn to dance to the different rhythms it brings. I can’t tell you how my heart fluttered with happiness and I started to enjoy the little dances of everyday life.

  1. Use your ability to choose wisely.

Choose Present over perfect; quality over quantity; relationships over rushing; people over pressure; meaning over mania. I loved this article by Shauna Niequist because she wrote exactly how I felt over this technology crazy culture. Let’s change our perspective in life and focus on what really matters.

  1. NEVER settle.

Never, ever settle for less. Don’t compromise your standards and your beliefs to become someone you’re not. Be true to yourself.

  1. Become who you were meant to be.

A caterpillar tries to resist the cocoon, try to resist change, but they need to become who they need to be. Don’t resist, get the most out of the process.

  1. Travel often.

I hope you love home as much as I do, but traveling is by far the best experience. It allows you to grow, learn, experiment, have adventures. Travel enough to make you miss home and enough to make you experience more.

  1. Allow yourself to fall in love.

This means that you might have your heart broken a couple of times or that you might break some hearts. However be cautious, listen to your gut because it’s always right.

  1. Do what makes your heart light on fire.

These will vary from one to another; the important thing is that you know what makes you recharge, what makes you smile, what makes your heart light up. Do lots of it. You’ll need those moments when life gets rough.

  1. Invest in yourself.

I don’t mean this in a vain way. Keep your curiosity sensitive enough to make you want to keep learning. Knowledge will help you gain tools to achieve more things.

10. Bloom where you are planted.

Sometimes we want to move, be someone else, or be somewhere else and even though we try things don’t seem to change. Embrace it. It means there are still things to be learned where we are. Be the best wherever you are because you never know where that will take you.



Happy Tuesday!